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Mourinho Warns Players of Becoming "Dead To Him"

Jose Mourinho is in my opinion the funniest speech giver in all of La Liga, but this week the Man “Who Isn’t Harry Potter” grimly warned his players of becoming “dead to him” if they lose their Tuesday’s King’s Cup first leg match against relatively unknown Real Murcia.

The speech seemed especially strange considering that Mourinho’s side is currently in first place in La Liga league play and also just coming off of a fantastic Champions League victory against AC Milan and 6-1 league win over Racing Santander this Saturday, but perhaps this recent wave of great success is why the coach made the bold proclamation to his players. After all Real Madrid last season embarrassingly lost to third tier club Alcorcon 4-0 in their first leg of the tournament and Manuel Pellegrini’s coaching regime came into great question due to the shock upset.

Mourinho hopes to avoid such a defeat and the coach is letting his player’s know that he is setting a high bar for the expected victory by making these strong words:

If last year’s situation [at Alcorcon] repeats itself, I will cross those who play off my list because they will be dead to me. Benzema will start and so will Ronaldo. It is a very important game to me.

Spooky words considering that it appears Mourinho will choose to go with their regular starting eleven. I’m guessing judging by Ronaldo’s performance this weekend that the Portuguese star is safe to survive a costly lost, but Benzema on the other hand is an often talked about transfer bait player and he probably does need a win to keep up with the club.

Mourinho is one of those guys you have to respect even though you may not like him. He wants to win at all costs and doesn’t believe any match is less important then any other. Real Madrid will win for Mourinho because that is what he demands them to do. And that is what competitive sports is all about.