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Mourinho To Real?

Manager of Blues UnitedI hate job-hoppers.  Larry Brown does it too.  Hey, I just did something good–ok, bye.  So, Jose Mourinho just won the Champion’s League in Milan and Inter is probably looking for a new coach.  Why?  Basically, I have no freaking idea.

Mourinho speaks in riddles–which makes him a great motivator–but it makes it hard to know what he’s thinking:

“The Champions League I won at Porto (2004) was my last game there and this time it will almost certainly be my last game for Inter.”

“I want another challenge in my career. I want to become the only coach to win the Champions League with three different clubs. It’s not definite that I’ll go but I want new risks, new experiences, and now is the moment to decide.”

“I don’t know the (Real Madrid) project yet, so I have to hear the project, but at the moment I am not the coach of Real Madrid; I am the coach of Inter and a very proud coach of Inter.”

“Inter remains an option and I have a fantastic family here, but Real is the best option I have. The percentage of me leaving is higher than that of staying.

“It (Real) is an enormous club, a club that wants the same as me; I want to win, I want to feel important, I want to keep winning.”

So, Inter doesn’t want to win?  I don’t get it.  This isn’t in any kind of language.  Basically, Mourinho wants a more glamorous job and he’s using his Champs League win at Inter to leverage a new deal with someone else.

Now, has Real already given up on Pellegrini>  We don’t know–but if they haven’t Mourinho is going to make them think they should.  For him–that’s enough.

Will it be enough for Leo Messi and company?


Creative Commons License photo credit: Mooganic