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Mourinho To Make Second London Trip Today

Some very suspicious activity concerning Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is expected today in London as the 49 year old is expected to make a second trip to Europe’s financial capital for the second time in as many days.

Mourinho who only a couple of days ago was pictured ‘house hunting’ in London, revealed that he would be returning to the city today for undisclosed business purposes.

Mourinho made the shocking revelations in a press conference before Sunday’s 5-0 win over Espanyol.

“I don’t have to give explanations to anyone concerning my private life. When one of us leaves Madrid, we inform the club out of courtesy. I don’t have to tell you [the press] anything,” Mourinho said.

He later concluded with the statement below to create a lot of speculation on his future with Los Blancos.

“On Monday I am going away again.”

Abramovich must be seriously suffering from a strong bout of guilt. His impatience has cost Chelsea a lot to say the least. And what’s even more interesting is the fact that most of the Coaches who were dismissed performed exceptionally well before their sacking.

Mourinho and Ancelotti are the two that come to mind easily. Mourinho who won Chelsea their first Premier League title since 1955 in 2005, will be best remembered for unbeaten home record during his tenure with the Blues.

Ancelotti who is now with French side PSG, will also be remembered for was amazing record with the club in his 2 year tenure though he was later shown the door despite winning the double with the Blues in his first season.

Only time will confirm to us whether our instincts are right, but as for now, it is looking very certain that Mourinho will be Chelsea’s new coach next season.

Photo Credit © cvrcak1