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Mourinho Targets Two Positions

Jugadores del Madrid calentandoJose Mourinho is the hottest coach in European football at the moment and the Special One isn’t afraid to tell you about his more then a Cup a year success rate.  And the former Inter Milan coach did recently admit that it takes a few years under the helm to truly build a great team, but he knows that winning this season is as important as ever before considering Los Blancos trophy draught that they have endured over the last few seasons. 

Mourinho speaks of the “dramatic” condition Real Madrid is currently in:

The club hasn’t won anything for two years, hasn’t won the Copa del Rey for 17 or 18 years, hasn’t won the Champions League for 10, and has not got past the last 16 for several years. That for most clubs would be normal, but for a giant club it’s a difficult situation, almost a dramatic one.

And Mourinho does know how to tell it like it is and you certainly can get away with having that type of personality when you are a problem solver or a streak buster the way the Special One truly is. Inter Milan justy snapped a similar Champions League curse and before that it was Chelsea’s magical run and before that was the last time a team from the Portuguese league won the Champions League. 

In other words the guy has won it all against the odds of before. 

But don’t expect Mourinho to have to do it against the odds of this time considering the immense talent the Spanish side already has with just the additions of Angel di Maria, Pedro Leon, and Sami Khedira so far.  But Mourinho wants a few more key players for the upcoming campaign and the coach explained the positions needed:

I think the club can still give me a defender but it’s difficult to find quality players and youngsters with a lot of potential.  As well as a defender I would like another striker. If another attacking player comes in, he will be more than welcome.

Mourinho has been linked to potential moves for Ashley Cole and Maicon and both defensive backs are former players under the coach’s tutelage.  As for the striker position it appears that Mourinho would like to relieve Ronaldo of as much pressure to score as he can.  Apparently the coach wants to add another reliable forward and possibly use the Portugal superstar out on the wing or in the secondary striker position that is usually fulfilled by Kaka who will be injured for two months: 

For the centre of the attack I have Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain, although Cristiano Ronaldo can also occupy that role. But I prefer for him to have more freedom to feel comfortable – he has too much talent to be limited to that position. That’s why I would like to have someone else – let’s see if it’s possible.

And when Mourinho is your coach.  Anything is possible,

Creative Commons License photo credit: Eric Caballero