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Mourinho says things with Valdano are 'Sound' as he ends year with a bang

There has been various reports stating that Jose Mourinho and General Director, Jorge Valdano, have not been the best of friends but Moruinho has denied the rumors went on to say that the relationship between the two are fine but he isn’t a man to say yes to everything.

“I deny that my relationship with him is bad. In any case, I never worried about image issues, but just want my teams to be professional, happy, disciplined and committed. I am a person who criticizes things, I do not say yes to everything. At Chelsea I was happy, but in my fourth season two people arrived at the clubs which were incompatible with me and so I left. But here I have no problems with anyone. In a company where you work with many people, there will be differences of opinion. If they are resolved in a positive way, it can help all of us grow.”

Speaking about the demolishing 8-0 win over Levante, Mourinho showed sympathy for his opponents who had their worse game yet of the season. “It was a shock that people could enjoy. I feel sorry for the rival, because it is difficult to lose so many goals. I’m happy with how 2010 has ended, a fantastic year for me.”

A fantastic way to end the year for Mourinho, do you think that he will be able to bring the league title back to Madrid? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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