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Mourinho Repeats That He Is "Not Harry Potter"

Jose Mourinho is often referred to as the Special One, but one thing Mourinho doesn’t want to be called is Harry Potter or any type of miracle worker. And just because the world’s hottest coach at the moment has arrived at Real Madrid don’t expect trophies to just fall from the sky.

Mourinho recently repeated his now famous line that he is “not Harry Potter” and the wizardly coach also stressed that he hopes to improve the team other the span of years rater then just days. Mourinho said the following statement to Football Focus:

The supporters demand a lot, the press they demand a lot. I work hard so I can do things. They think the coach is Harry Potter – I’m not Harry Potter. Success for me would be in the four years of my contract to make the 10th Champions League for the club and stop the Barca domination. I think I find a way to stop them in our matches but the problem is that the championship is not about two matches – it’s about 38.

 And I can understand why Mourinho wants to remind fans that he is not magical, but regardless of how often he repeats this he still will always have superior expectations to any other coach because of his recent track record of success. When you win as often as a Mourinho has that is part of the nature of the business. After all his nickname is the Special One and that obviously suggests something about the expectations of the coach.

Mourinho may claim that his project at Real Madrid is a long term one and he doesn’t expect immediate results, but in reality the coach wants to win right now and will do anything to get Madrid back to that elite level. It appears to be starting to work too. Real Madrid handed Deportivo La Coruna a 6-1 defeat over the weekend. It was Los Blancos first game in which they scored more then 2 goals this season and the total of 6 tied their combined effort through the first five matches.

In other words Harry Potter has arrived at the Bernabeu.