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Mourinho Receives Spanking From Serie A

Creative Commons License photo credit: banspy

Jose Mourinho is a guy that likes to speak his mind.  I just wrote a blog about this notion a few days back.  In fact Mourinho is one of those guys that doesn’t want to be restrained by anyone.  This list includes officials of each and every match and league officials as well.  Often this season Mourinho has claimed that the league is trying to keep his side down.  Why you ask?  Because Mourinho believes that the league wants to keep things interesting and doesn’t want his club to run away with the title too early. 

Well all of Mr. Mourinho’s comments and conspiracies have finally caught up to him.

After receiving a hefty fine a few weeks back for negative comments regarding this issue, the Inter coach has been suspended three matches for his most recent behaviour.  Mr. Mourinho made a hand gesture that didn’t please the refs to much this most recent weekend against Sampdoria in a 0-0 tie.  The hand gesture isn’t the one you were thinking of, but the league might be considering it just as bad as the middle finger salute. 

Mourinho gestured with his hands that they were in handcuffs last weekend and the gesture was considered an insult to the officials and Serie A as a whole.  The reason why the former Chelsea man made the motion was following his side’s removal of two players due to red cards.  Mourinho will likely appeal the suspension, but he will more then likely miss some time away from the sideline due to the gesture.

And is this fair?

Does a coach deserve to be suspended for a brief gesture that is 99% of the time considered not of an insulting nature?  Mourinho is not the first person to bring such a debate to the blog boards.  in fact Liverpool’s Rafa made a similar gesture following a match earlier this year when he acknowledged his glasses when asked what he thought of the officiating.  And although Rafa escaped nearly unpunished Mourinho is set to miss nearly an entire month of action.

Well there is one big difference in the two cases.  Mourinho was not making a joke and he made his gesture during an ongoing match.  Rafa made a joke in the press room after the match which is considered a less threatening venue for such an act to take place.  One man was simpling answering a question from a reporter while the other man was embarrassing a league with his gestures.

It might not be fair, but Mourinho deserves a little brief vacation in the timeout corner of the room.