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Mourinho Prepares For "Most Important Game"

I’ve always thought Jose Mourinho was a little bit off his rocker and now I have found valid proof to backup my claim. Mourinho believes his side’s upcoming preliminary round match of the Coppa del Rey against bottom tier club Murcia is his side’s “most important game of the season”.

The Special One believes that it is more important then any other match because if they lose it will cost them a championship. And Mourinho loves winning those and he doesn’t want his team to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, new Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini who lost to Alcorcon last year in the same round when he was the coach of Real Madrid. Here is Mourinho’s full quote regarding the must win tournament match:

Our match against Murcia is the most important game in the season so far because it is the only one that could make us lose a championship. Losing one game in the Champions League is alright because there are five more to play. Losing one in La Liga is also okay because 37 remain. This match is even more decisive given the bad result we earned in the first leg.

We will be eliminated if we lose and if we draw with the same number of goals. Our only option is to win the match; it is our duty to reach the next round. I don’t think about the possibility of elimination. I believe two goals will be enough, but they aren’t a great risk. Murcia have a spectacular defense. We need a more heated Bernabeu crowd. It’s necessary. The players deserve a little more support and tomorrow could be a great chance for the fans to show this.

And I understand Mourinho’s point which is that this match is a must win whereas in Champions League and La Liga matches your side can actually lose a few times and still win, but on the other side of the debate I really do not think Real Madrid deserve much praise for defeating a side as terrible as Murcia is. Murcia’s starting eleven’s weekly wages do not even scratch the surface of Real Madrid’s reserves contracts and although any team can lose on any day, Real Madrid should certainly not this week against this team.

It may be the most important match right this moment, but just wait until the second round of the Champions League begins or Madrid’s first match against Barcelona this season.

By then no one will remember this match.