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Mourinho Not Too Disappointed With Draw Against Malaga

Only picking up a point on their last game against Malaga obviously left some disappointment for Real Madrid, but their coach, Jose Mourinho opted to stay calm about it and not looking for any blame especially from his players.

The Portuguese tactician even revealed that getting a point after having such a strong winning run is completely normal thing especially in such a long championship, adding that his players weren’t being complacent at all in the Sunday game.

“There isn’t a single championship in which a team wins every game. You can win, draw or lose a match. You sometimes fail to win despite doing your best. It was hard for us to get in the game. Malaga are a quality side currently in UCL qualifying positions. They’ve invested to reach that far. They made things difficult for us in the first half, but not in the second. We only scored one goal from the many chances we had,” Mourinho said.

Adding his defense to his players’ performance against Malaga, Mourinho stated that what his team have achieved in previous league games have been an excellent thing that should be questioned more rather than the draw they had on Sunday. The Portuguese coach believed that although his team deserved all three points on that match but there were some other games where the draw could’ve happened, so he is not that bitter with the result.

The tactician did also claimed that there were some refereeing errors that his team suffered against Malaga, but Mourinho isn’t making that as an excuse for his side’s failure in getting three points. The former Inter Milan and Chelsea coach, seemed pretty pleased that his team can still provide quality performance and the result was just simply down to luck more than anything.

Scoring one or failing to do so is normal too. I don’t think I have reasons to be critical of my men; they didn’t lack ambition. I’m not critical of the referee either. He should have given us two penalties, but that happens too,” Mourinho added. It’s normal to draw a match. There are 11 games left and 33 points still at stake, meaning the championship is still open. We only worry about what we do because we’ll win if we take enough points.”

Obviously the result cut back their 10 points gap with Barcelona but just like Mourinho said, there’s still nothing to worry about for Los Blancos as their current lead in pretty healthy and would took more slips to invite trouble. Still, the chance for a slip is possible indeed but looking at their current form it still pretty unlikely unless there’s some major incident that put their morale into lower state which isn’t actually what happened at the moment.


photo credit: Catatan Bola Photo Gallery