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Mourinho Loyal to Inter, Well, Until the End of the Season

Manager of Blues United
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mooganic

Inter manager Jose Mourinho loves the Premier League.  Make no mistake of this.  The former Chelsea manager plans on returning to England following the end of his Italian league contract in 2012.  And with the Mourinho Bowl arriving this February between Chelsea and Inter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mourinho jumped ship even earlier then his pending contract.

Now I’m not saying Mourinho is a traitor or would leave a squad midseason because the title winning coach claims that he would never bail on his team until the season is finished.  But are these really comforting words for Inter fans?

I realize in the modern day that players and coaches change sides about as often as Sir Beckham changes his hairdo, but where do you draw the line here.  Players talk about flattering transfer attempts all the time, but aren’t coaches supposed to avoid publicity and isn’t it in their best interest to keep things under wraps when it comes to future moves?

Coaches should focus on one thing during the year and one thing in entirety.  Winning football matches.  Nobody cares where you might be in two or three years and the present game is all that should be their concern.  One thing Mourniho’s comments have made very clear is that the coach is on his way out the door.  If not at the end of this season then perhaps the next. 

Either way I find Mourinho’s love for the Premier League to be a bit excessive considering he currently coaches in Serie A.