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Mourinho: It’s Capello’s Fault!

When Mourinho talks, you most certainly know that he is going to say something that annoys his most vocal opponents. Never been the one to sugar coat things, Mourinho speaks his mind clearly without fear or favour. Just yesterday, Mourinho was at it again, this time he was speaking his mind about the England national team and the reason why he thinks they will never win any trophies with Capello as their manager.

What makes it even worse for all his critics is that he has the accomplishments and accolades to back up his big talk. The self proclaimed special one pointed out during an interview with the Daily Mirror that Capello’s harsh, no nonesense approach to the game has left the players ‘confused’.

I agree with Mourinho. I mean football is sport that is meant to be enjoyed. I have never seen Capello smile not even when they win by big scorelines. From my reckoning, the England players are more afraid of screwing up than they are about losing.

“It is clear. Capello will not work for England,” “He does not know the players. They are frightened of him and they can’t play for him.”

“For me, it is a mess for England. Players need clear tactics. They cannot be confused about what they have to do. It is the manager’s fault. And it is a big shame.”

“The problem is the manager. He has a one-track relationship with players. Ask anyone here at Real Madrid. He can’t change. You cannot go around just shouting at players. They need to feel special.”

You have to agree that Mourinho has a point. A perfect case study would have to be his own relationship with Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and John Terry while he was still the manager of Chelsea.

That player-coach bond was an integral part of the Blues back to back success in 04/05 and 05/06. Playing under a manager who is keenly interested in bringing out the best in you is a far more positive strategy than trying to coerce or instil fear.

These statement might not change the FA’s choice however, they do speak volumes about the Three Lion’s chances in Euro 2012 should they qualify.

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