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Mourinho Happy With 'Minimum' Effort, Urged Former Fans to Forget Him

Manager of Blues UnitedReal Madrid’s coach, Jose Mourinho is in a positive mood after his team once again picked up all three points in the league, keeping their lead over Barcelona in tact and also not throwing away much energies as their win happened in a convincing fashion.

Mourinho revealed that’s the victory over Racing Santander was obviously important but getting it without much trouble is even more appreciated by the tactician considering Madrid are facing tight schedules ahead of them.

Having to face a tricky trip in the Champions League against CSKA Moskow this midweek pretty much provide a bit concern for Mourinho, that’s why their ‘minimum’ effort against Santander could pretty much help them in overcoming their upcoming games including CSKA’s challenge. The Portuguese tactician believes that with much energy left on his players’ trunk along with the return of several injured players will give lots of help especially for their upcoming game in Moskow.

“I like the final score, but what I most like is taking another three points and having one game less to play. We won without much brilliance, but without much effort either. It’s important to have as many players as possible available to us now that we’ll play a game every three days,” Mourinho stated. “Our eyes are now on the Champions League and we must focus on our match against CSKA Moscow. We’re all happy. We have two days in which to recover. We’re a happy bunch and we are very motivated for the match, but we know playing in Moscow will be difficult.”

Aside from talking about his current team, Mourinho also commented about the latest phenomena where the fans from his former clubs, Chelsea and Inter Milan, were both singing his name during both teams’ recent disappointing matches. The Blues were held by Birmingham City at home while the Nerazzurri got battered by Bologna in San Siro, Milan, a situation that made the die hard devotees asking the return of the “Special One”.

Acknowledging the situation, Mourinho choses to act wisely by urging both Chelsea and Inter fans to simply provide more support to their team instead of calling his name as the tactician said that he is simply the past. Despite recent rumors of his potential departure from Madrid, the “Special One” apparently trying to prove that those gossips are nothing more than media frenzy as he is looking to stay with Los Blancos.

“I love my former sides Inter Milan and Chelsea, and their fans as well. I’d rather those fans supported their teams and their coaches rather than me. I’m their past, and a very good one at that, so they remember me. I’m no longer there and they should fight together instead of thinking about those who aren’t there any more,” Mourinho said.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Mooganic