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Mourinho happy with "easy" win over Osasuna

Although the game may have ended just 1-0, Jose Mourinho is delighted with the “easy” win over Osasuna in last night’s match. Admitting that there is much more room for improvement, Mourinho is happy that Los Blancos were able to bounce back from their disappointing start to the season.

“It didn’t seem a difficult game to me, it was easy to win. We haven’t had any problems at the back nor have we seen Casillas at any difficult situations.”

A lone goal from their new arrival Ricardo Carvalho was enough for Madrid as they held onto the 1-0 lead. However, if the club is looking to bring home some silverware, they must be able to perform better. Although Mourinho is still trying to build the perfect line-up, Madrid should be able to pull off wins over teams like Mallorca which they failed to do in the season opener.

Mourinho continued with the following about their match with Osasuna;

“We didn’t play a great game, although we were better in the second half. But I’m building a team and it’s important to have gone two games without conceding a goal and without Casillas needing to make any saves. We’ve controlled the game easily, without any problems. That only thing we’ve lacked is some calm and clarity, which will come with time and work. I’m sure we would have been calmer if we had gone 2-0 up. I’m going away happy with the three points and with the total control of the game. I was on the bench without any type of pressure or fear.”

Real Madrid must find a way to create more opportunities in a match. The first 45 minutes for Los Blancos were flat and only one shot had been taken at Osasuna keeper, Ricardo Lopez. With the fans upset in their first half performance, Mourinho understands that they want more from the club and hopes to bring them the satisfaction they desire.

“They pay me, the fans can whistle when they want to. I will continue doing my job and one day try to give total satisfaction to the fans. I will never have a negative word about the fans of Real Madrid. I prefer the support of the fans in difficult moments, but I will never criticize. I understand that the fans want more, I also want more and the players want more.”

What did you think of Real Madrid’s performance? Is there much room for improvement or is chemistry the key part that is missing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Follow me on Twitter @Herb_Maldonado