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Mourinho Continues To Inspire Real Madrid Wins

Jose Mourinho has been known to speak his mind from time to time. In fact it seems like every other week I’m writing a blog about something the Special One said. But I suppose when you have such a nickname then you can say what you want.

One of many people who have been angry about something Mourinho has said to the media was Sporting Gijon boss Manolo Preciado. Mourinho accused the coach of lying down against Barcelona earlier this year to focus on the next week’s more winnable match. Preciado fired back last week claiming that if Mourinho was still in England he would have been “thrown in jail” for making such accusations.

Mourinho, who currently is suspended from La Liga football for one more match, has been known to I instigate such wars of words in the past, but with the winning formula he has brought to Real Madrid it appears that his footballers will overlook the controversial nature of the coach. Keeper Iker Casillas is one player that definitely has the defensive minded coach’s back. Casillas claimed that he “stands by his coach, who is the best”:   

The game was complicated for many reasons, such as the comments made before the match, the atmosphere at the stadium,” Casillas said. “We stepped up to the challenge and earned three vital points. In all fairness the atmosphere was hostile. The home crowd supported its team 100%, which is normal. We responded well to that. Regarding what was said, I limit myself to defending my coach. I respect other opinions, but I do not share them. I stand by my coach, who is the best.

And if you were in Casillas position, wouldn’t you agree with this theory? After all despite Mourinho not standing on the sideline his side still went on to win this weekend 1-0 over Sporting and the coach has his side in first place and playing some of the best football in the world at the moment… if not the best.

He might not be the nicest or most well liked coach in the league, but he is in fact the best. And he has the track record to prove it too.