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Mourinho Content With Draw at Moscow

Think aboutConceding a late equalizer despite having the better of the match obviously left a bitter taste for anyone, including Real Madrid’s coach, Jose Mourinho, who believed that the result was indeed frustrating although the Portuguese was pretty content with it.

Mourinho did accepted that getting a draw in their away fixture to Moscow can be considered a good result but still he wasn’t expecting that the Russian would netted a late equalizer since his team had more goal chances to win the match.

“Their goal was frustrating, but we earned a good result I’d be happy to have in every knock-out tie in which we play the return leg at home. Their strike has made them very happy and we were frustrated by it because we played for more and had chances to score more. Our opponent made things very difficult for us, but they did little to score or draw the match. They played a serious and tough game. They worked very hard,” Mourinho said.

The Portuguese tactician also noted that there’s supposedly a foul for his team that wasn’t given ahead of CSKA equalizer but Mourinho won’t make it as an alibi as he believes it was only a common mistake from the referee. Furthermore, the ex-Inter Milan and Chelsea tactician stated that he can accept the draw simply because based on his experience, acquiring a good result in Moscow has always been difficult, that’s why the draw is pretty acceptable one for his Madrid’s squad.

I don’t know what was the case tonight. What I did manage to see was that Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly fouled upon before the equaliser. It’s part of the game. The referee made mistakes for both sides,” Mourinho added. “Every game here has been the same for me. I won 1-0 with Chelsea and Inter Milan, but it was very hard in both encounters. It’s always complicated over here. It seemed we would win 1-0 today, but they eventually drew a difficult fixture.”

Considering the return leg will be held in Madrid, Mourinho does have a good reason to be positive with the draw that his team earned in Russia, although it would obviously better in getting all three points. However, seeing how dominant the Spanish side this season in both Champions League and La Liga, it would be difficult to see them losing at home against the Russian, although they must still be careful with CSKA’s potential threat.

Getting a victory on paper won’t be that difficult for Madrid especially when they play at Santiago Bernebau, but picking a draw with goals again could be troublesome indeed. Mourinho should probably ordered his players to be more clinical in the second leg as they could’ve sealed the game in Moscow if the players were a bit more clinical in front of goal.


Creative Commons License photo credit: dphuonq