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Mourinho At It Again

This is not the first time neither is it going to be the last time we hear of Mourinho’s unhappiness in the Serie A. The ‘special one’ has yet again come out saying that he is a very unhappy man in the Italian league. Now if you are an Inter fan, this is not the kind of news you would like to hear before a crucial quarter final fixture in the Champions League.

According to Mourinho, he does not like Italian football and it does not like him. It is as simple as that.

“I always speak in a very honest way and if I do it about Serie A I will be suspended. My situation is clear. I am very happy at Inter but not in Italian football,” the former Chelsea coach told Sky Sports. Asked why, he said: “Because I don’t like it and it doesn’t like me, simple.”

There is no doubt that these comments are bound to fuel speculation that he might leave Inter at the end of the summer. Mourinho has had a tough time adapting to the Italian way of football and his relationship with the media has been less than rosy.

Mourinho has been fined by the Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio (Italian football federation) severally for his outspoken nature and behavior and yet he wonders why ‘evreyone is out to get him’. Now don’t get me wrong Mourinho is a fantastic coach in fact he has to act the way he does. Just look at the level of success he has had in his past posts. There are very few if any who can match what the Portuguese has achieved in his rather short coaching career.

That said i stil think Inter does better. Mourinho has to realise that his frequent comments have an effect on his players. If he can lead them to European glory then maybe he can bring his contract to end on mutual terms. That said, it still will be amazing to see how this whole issues comes to end.

Photo credit: Pupipanu