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Mourinho Advances

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax

That’s the headline I’m seeing everywhere.  It’s like a media conspiracy.  Jose Mourinho didn’t kick ball #1 yesterday when Inter squeaked past Chelsea into the Champion’s League Quarterfinals.  In fact, they barely won the match, but they did win.

Now, Chelsea is left to stick with United for the rest of the season in the hopes of redeeming themselves from that awful Final match they had last season.  Inter moves on to see if they perhaps spoil someone else’s Champion’s League dreams.

I think what’s most impressive is that Inter held Chelsea scoreless at Stamford Bridge.  European soccer fans are crazy and English Soccer fans don’t play around.  So, dealing with all of that and not letting the home team score is pretty remarkable.

It should also be noted that Massimo Moratti–Inter’s president–said that Mourinho was the “Man of the Match” even though he didn’t:

1.  Kick the ball

2.  Pass the ball

3.  Handle the ball

4.  Score the winning goal

So, what does this equal?  Inter already kissing the behind of one Mr. Mourinho.  Couldn’t get a hearty congratulations to the team since they’re the ones who have to actually play these matches all over the world?

Couldn’t we forget for one second that Mourinho is only going to use this win to whore himself out to other teams even MORE?  Are we forgetting that the next headline will be “Mourinho to be fired if he does not advance to Champion’s League Semifinals”?

I say good for the Inter players.  They played a great match and won ON THE ROAD–which is very hard to do–and now they get to continue their quest.  For the President of their club to hail Mourinho over Eto’o is completely disrespectful. 

Maybe they kind of deserve each other?