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Mourinho Admits Tiredness Was Key for Madrid's Exit in Champions League

Jose Mourinho faces disappointment again as his team once again failed advance from Champions League semifinal, this time after suffering a defeat during penalty shoot out against Bayern Munich.

The Portuguese coach refused to blame any of his players, especially those who failed to convert their spot kick as he believes that all of them have give their all in the match, adding that tiredness eventually played a big part on Madrid’s failure.

Mourinho revealed that things might be different if he can rest several important players ahead of the clash against Bayern, but apparently that wasn’t doable since they also got an important league match against Barcelona on the weekend. The Portuguese coach believed that he couldn’t ask for anything more than what his players have given in the game, despite some mistakes were made even before the shoot out, ‘The Special One” is still very proud with his team’s achievement.

It is more difficult to play this match when you’re still in the fight to win the league title than when you’re not. It’s our fault because we would have used different players in our previous game if we weren’t fighting to win the league title. My men gave a fantastic performance. Everyone makes mistakes. Superhumans only exist in the movies. These men are the best at their level, but people criticise them when they miss a shot. They were also exhausted in the penalty shootout,” Mourinho said.

Furthermore, Mourinho also asked his players to immediately step aside their disappointment and turn their focus again to seal their La Liga title, as although the title is very close but a drop of concentration could still cause a miraculous upset. The tactician believes that his squad still have room for improvements, so he is eager to fight for another shot at winning the Champions League next season with his current crop of players.

We need six points to win the league and it would be fantastic to do so. This team has great room for improvement and so does the club. I will absolutely try to win this title again with this team. I want to win with these players. We will be here fighting for the Champions League again next season,” the Portuguese tactician added.