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Mourinho Admits Man City Is the Place To Be

Manager of Blues UnitedJose Mourinho has won more consecutive trophies then just about any coach in any league in any sport for that matter.

The Special One moved to Real Madrid this summer and the spend-happy team from a summer ago was expected to continue to blow away the competition by bringing in even more stars.

But that certainly hasn’t happened this summer and Manchester City has taken hold of the transfer market despite the fact that the Blues are not competing in the Champions League this season. In fact Real Madrid has not brought in one bonafide star this entire off season although the club has picked up plenty of support players including: Sergio Canales, Angel Di Maria, Sami Khedira, Ricardo Carvalho and Mesut Ozil. 

And Mourinho can only admit his side’s defeat this summer and recently told Sky Sports News that the Premier League side was “dominant” this summer in their signings and suggested that the club has overtaken his own as the most ambitious in the world:

I understand that if someone wants to compete with them for a player it is very difficult, they are dominant in the market. The player they say they want is the player they get. I was interested in Kolarov when I came here but I couldn’t compete with them as they went to values that I couldn’t. If they have the money they can do it, if they have the ambition to win the Premier League they can do it.

And between Serbian left back Kolarov and Adebayor’s refusal to join Real Madrid, I think it is safe to say that the Premier League club currently holds the upper hand on Real Madrid when it comes to the two team’s dealing business with one another.

And Mourinho wasn’t too optimistic when asked if Adebayor would possible join his La Liga side before the transfer window closes in early September: 

I think no chance. The historical dimension of Real Madrid and Manchester City you can’t compare. But the economical dimension you can compare. So I think at the minute Man City is the club to keep their best players and to buy the players that nobody expects them to buy. I don’t think, just one year after buying Emmanuel from Arsenal, he’s the player to leave.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mooganic