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Mourinho Admits Defeat In Cole Bid

[champions] Chelsea x Juventus : 5It appears Jose Mourinho actually doesn’t win any competition that he wants to. 

The new coach of Los Blancos recently admitted that Carlo Ancelotti’s Chelsea side has won the war to retain Ashley Cole. And the coach’s former player in the EPL has reportedly expressed great interest in a clean break from his life in England and was rumored to desire a move to Spain in order to be reunited with his most successful coach.

But the move was squashed by Cole’s current coach and Mourinho has to respect such a decision considering he would take a similar stance for one of his own most valuable players.

Mourinho admitted the defeat to signing Cole in the Sunday Times:

Carlo Ancelotti was very, very clear and that’s the best way in football. He killed the story by saying, ‘No money can buy Ashley Cole, Ashley Cole needs to stay’. I think Ashley thought about leaving for personal and professional reasons. We thought about him because he’s a good player who I enjoyed working with, but when a coach says no, it’s no, and we have to accept that.

And it has been a rather mild transfer window for Real Madrid with Argentina midfielder Angel Di Maria likely being the biggest name transfer this summer minus Mourinho of course.  And with Kaka out possibly for the entire season with a bad knee perhaps Mourinho will look to sign a center midfielder in the next few weeks.  It is also always still possible that they could ante-up to former Mourinho man Maicon with Inter Milan, but that deal looks to have stalled as well due to Real Madrid remaining reluctant on signing the Brazilian defender for such a steep annual price. 

But one thing that apparently will not happen this summer is Ashley Cole transferring to Real Madrid.   

  Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz