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Moruinho not taking tomorrow's match lightly as he warns players who are on fence

Although the ‘Copa del Rey’ match that Real Madrid head into is against a 3rd division club, Murcia, Mourinho has went on to warn some players that will be given the opportunity to play. In other words, it might be a make or break situation for players like Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid suffered an early exit last year in the tournament as they were handed a 4-0 defeat by Alcorcon last season and Mourinho will not be happy if his side falls short this season.

“It is a very important game to me. If last year’s situation happens again, I will cross those who play off my list because they will be dead to me,” Mourinho went on to say.

With Xabi Alonso and Mesut Ozil given time to rest, Ronaldo and Marcelo have already been named to start to help Los Blanco’s in Tuesday’s match. As for Benzema, the French striker will be starting and Mourinho will be keeping his eye’s on the young 22-year old.

“Tuesday he’ll [Benzema] start and if he plays with a different attitude, it’ll be another story. It’s an important day for him and for me.”

Although Los Blanco’s were able to win the Copa del Rey 17 times, the last time they were able to lift this trophy was back in 1993. With Jose Mourinho expecting his club to performing up to par in tomorrow’s match, Benzema will need to have a good game if he plans to be part of Mourinho’s plans in the future.

Think Karim Benzema will show-up in tomorrow’s match? Afraid to see what will happen if Los Blanco’s lose? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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