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Moreno Goes Under The Knife

Jaime Moreno, the MLS all-time leading scorer, underwent ACL surgery yesterday. At 34, this sort of surgery could signal Moreno (who was already in the twilight of his career) may be done for good. But I think otherwise, and I’ll tell you why…

Moreno had 10 goals and 10 assists this season. Not too shabby. Heck, other than bursts from Emilio, he was the only thing keeping DCU in playoff contention. He clearly can still play with the best MLS has to offer, when he’s healthy.

Plus, he has the motivation and dedication to come back from this surgery. The man is beloved by United fans. Other than a brief stint with the MetroStars, Jaime has been in DC for the last twelve years. He’s won four MLS Cups. He is truly one of the greatest MLS players ever.

It’s a shame he had to have surgery, but it is good news for DCU fans that he is expected to be ready for the beginning of next season. I think he will be ready, and DCU will rebound from their poor 2008 run.

You couldn’t blame him if he walked away though. Moreno already has 122 goals and 99 assists.

I bet he has some more of each still in him though. And I would also wager he will continue to produce post-surgery. His largest strength is his craftiness, which no knee surgery is going to hamper.

I wish him the best of luck with his recovery, as does Tom Soehn.