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More Trouble in Madrid?

Trouble In Paradise?

It’s no secret that Mourinho is butting heads with some of the Executive members of Real Madrid but is his presence also having an impact on the players as well? Although some players praise the Portuguese coach and some even considering the best coach in the world, Higuain’s latest statement is sparking a little interest in the eyes of many journalists’ in Spain.

Higuain flew out to Chicago earlier today in which he will undergo the knife to repair a herniated disc in his lower back. As the Argentinean striker gave his thanks to Real Madrid, Club president Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano, Higuain never thanked Mourinho for his support. Although it may be a stretch that Higuain and Mourinho is having problems due to his statement, there is no question that Mourinho is having a hard time with some people in the organization.

Higuain said the following to Marca before leaving to Chicago,

“I have received plenty of support from my colleagues here. The president Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano have also been good to me. I thank them because from day one they have always helped me.”

Think that Mourinho and Higuain are also having problems? If recent rumors were true, wouldn’t this be the perfect time for the ‘Special 1’ to bring in a striker? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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