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More Trouble At Sampdoria’s Camp

Muro BlucerchiatoSampdoria’s poor recent result has give them plenty of problems not only in the league table but also outside of the pitch as after the team’s bus was being attacked by fans right after the Blucerchiati’s defeat against Ac Milan, reports in Italy revealed that the angry tifosi strikes again by invading the team’s training ground.

The news even stated that the fans were involved in a brawl and argument with Sampd’s coach, Alberto Cavasin, and also several players, causing the security staff taking an action to separate the conflicted parties.

The brawl reportedly happened after the fans asked Cavasin to step down from his job, this request made the coach approached the fans to talk with them, unfortunately things seems to get carried away during the discussion, leading into confrontation. Beside arguing with the coach, the devotees also argued with some of the players, who were obviously defending their current tactician, who was actually hasn’t been long appointed as the replacement for Stefano Pioli.

The fans anger were the effect of Sampdoria’s free fall this season especially in the last few matches which have now lead them slipping down into the bottom three clubs in the league, which could see them relegated by the end of the season. This anarchy actions seems to be the ultimate reaction from the tifosi that since the start of the year have been disappointed by their President that sold the club’s most important players, Antonio Cassano and Giampaolo Pazzini in the same transfer window.

The sale of those two important players have been indicated as one of the main reasons, Sampdoria have been very disappointing this season, falling from a Champions League spot team into a relegation battler in just one season. This condition surely angered the fans, who expected more from the team this season, considering they are very close in joining the top European teams this summer in the number one club competition in the continent.

Sampdoria relegation battle will continue this weekend as they host fellow bottom table club, Bari, nothing more than a win would be enough to calm the fans raged that have really been reaching concerning condition at the moment. The fans and club’s war have been happening frequently this season in Serie A as before the Blucerchiati, clubs such as Juventus, Bari, Fiorentina and As Roma also had the same issue earlier this season, the passion and high hopes of die hard tifosi in the league towards their clubs often the case behind such a over the top reaction.


Creative Commons License photo credit: lucadea