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Moratti To Start Kaka Talks In November

Inter Milan are lining up what could possibly be the biggest shock transfer ever in modern day footballing circles. According to Inter president Massimo Moratti, he is prepared to begin negotiations with Real Madrid for their out of favour attcking midfielder Kaka in November.

This is of course good news if you are an Inter fan but hard to swallow if you support their arch rivals Milan. Many Rossoneri fans still feel like Kaka owe’s them an explanation for his sudden departure last summer going back on his  pledge reiterating his desire to remain at the San Siro.

A majority of these people feel betrayed and cheated and as much as they might try and act like evrything is all good, the sad truth is that many have never accepted his departure.

Italian sports daily Corrie Dello Sport reports that Moratti met with Inter directors on Friday and agreed to the move. However, this can only be done if some conditions are met.

Inter are proposing a loan deal with the option of buying him permanently after one season. Inter will also want to pay Madrid on yearly basis until his transfer fee is settled. Inter will also only buy Kaka if they are sure that he is injury free and does not have any other recurring injuries

With Mourinho having publicly implied that he is not too much a fan of the Brazilian, this transfer deal is very likely. My only question is whether Kaka would agreed to the move? If he does, then it will not only be a big win for Inter, but also for the Serie A who can boast of another world class star joining their League. Moreover, this move would fuel the Inter-Milan rivalry to heights never witnessed before. That is definitely one thing i would be looking forward to.

Photo credit: from ScROs