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Moratti, Funniest Man In All Of Spain Or Italy

Inter president Massimo Moratti should be a comedian. Because at the moment the treble winning president is considered the funniest man in all of Spain. Moratti made plenty of headlines earlier this week when the president admitted that his side was interested in transferring for Lionel Messi.

Messi laughed off the news along with the rest of the Argentine forward’s teammates, but now Moratti is admitting that it wasn’t a “complete joke” and the Italian side would love for Messi to consider leaving for the side one day. Morrati spoke to Sky Italia regarding the “joke” that he told about Messi coming to Italy.

Contrary to the way in which his words were reported, Messi was very kind. He said: ‘Moratti is very kind – I believe he was joking but it makes me happy’. Anyway, it wasn’t a complete joke and the thing with jokes is that you never know how they are going to end.

And I think Moratti’s assessment is correct here that Messi was really only saying, “thanks for the compliment, but I’m not going anywhere.” But to even suggest that Messi would soon be available for transfer is a pipe dream in itself because the forward just recently signed a record contract that doesn’t allow him much breathing room to consider moves elsewhere. 

Regardless to what Moratti would dream of happening Messi is simply too valuable to his Barca side and even worst off for Inter, he is very happy with his current club at the moment. Manager Pep Guardiola suggested that for Messi a steep asking price would be presented if the Inter president truly was serious about making the move. The young coach did admit, though, that the last word would always belong to Messi regarding a potential switch down the line:

If Moratti give us €250 million and Leo wants to leave then maybe we can talk, but I seem to have understood that Messi doesn’t want to leave and a player’s opinion is decisive in football. The last word is always up to him.