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Montolivo Denies Milan Agreement

Riccardo Montolivo’s future remain uncertain after the Fiorentina star denied previous news about his move to Ac Milan, although the Italian international did once again confirmed his departure from Florence.

Montolivo admitted that he is very likely leaving the Viola next season but remain coy about his destination, denying there’s already a contract with the Rossoneri, although previous rumors already claimed that a deal has been reached.

At the end of the season I will very likely leave Florence, albeit with great disappointment, There has not been any offer from Milan, so I don’t know what my future will be. Money is important in life, but without the passion you have within you right from childhood, it would all be over. You must never give in and always believe in your dreams. I dreamed of Serie A and I did it,” Montolivo said during a visit to pediatric hospital.

Earlier there have been continuous rumors about Montolivo’s future with Milan as the Red and Black squad are the most likeliest destination for the Italian international, considering the midfielder turned down several offers already so he can leave on a free transfer in June. This denial remain questionable though considering all of the player’s rejection in moving away in the summer and winter, leaning things towards a potential free move which have been closely related with the Rossoneri in the past few seasons.

Milan management themselves have previously admitted that they did made an offer for Montolivo in the summer but couldn’t agree terms with Fiorentina but confirmed that their interest remains strong. However, just like the Rossoneri’s previous free transfer, it seems that things won’t be confirmed until the new season starts unless the season is reaching the end where deals can possibly be announced since it won’t affect anything.

Montolivo himself has been attracting many teams including foreign sides such as Bayern Munich, Arsenal and even Liverpool, but strangely the midfielder has reportedly been rejecting several offers including from other Serie A teams such as As Roma along with Juventus. That situation is the thing that eventually made the player being linked with a move to Milan next summer, especially since his agent has been frequently spotted making contacts with the Rossoneri’s management team.


photo credit: ViolaChannel