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Money Talks

Wayne Rooney might have signed a new deal with the Red Devils that will keep him at the Theatre Of Dreams for the next 5 years but the events that led to this record making deal won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Just makes me wonder what would happen if Serie A players took the same approach Rooney took. Of course, one it would not work unless if it happened 15 years ago at the height of Serie A dominance. There is no denying the fact that the Serie A is no longer the dream destination for players anymore.

Although that is changing, Serie A still struggles for publicity. The EPL and La Liga have become the most watched leagues in part because of the revenues they generate and the players who grace their clubs.

The highest paid Serie A players is Zlatan Ibrahimoovic earning 9 million Euros per year with Milan. This is a drop in the ocean if you compare with Lionel Messi who now earns close to 30 Million Pounds per year with Barcelona.

To be honest, i wonder why some players are paid such bloated salaries. Some do deserve it but the bulk of them are just lucky. Then again, the talented one’s who should earn these figures never do.

Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Del Piero, although a bit old now, have never lost their touch. Comparing Rooney or Beckham to these players would be unfair, however, it cannot go without saying that both footballers are no longer paid for thei results but rather for the economic value they bring to the club.

Football is no longer just a sport. The commercialisation of the game has seen players eager to sign deals only if their is enough monetary compensation. 2018 potential World Cup hosts England have even promised FIFA record profits if they won the rights to host the event.

So where does this leave the beautiful game? I don’t know but if something is not done soon, the we might just be witnessing the beginning of the end of the football as we have known it.

Photo credit: from LocalHardMoney