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Moggi Speaks Again

Not long ago i wrote on this site how Juventus former sporting director Luciano Moggi is to blame for the club’s current predicament. Moggi was at the heart of Juve’s 2006 match fixing scandal that saw the club relegated to the Serie B. However, that does not seem to stop him from giving his two cents worth on the Bianconeri’s summer acquisitions.

According to Moggi, Juventus did ‘everything wrong’. Sure they  should not have sold Camoranesi or Quagliarela but that does not mean that the Bianconeri totally messed up in the transfer market.

One very good signing was Milos Krasic. The Serbian international definitely has what it takes to become the next Pavel Nedved. Simone Pepe might not have been the best addition but he can be very lethal.

“Juventus did everything they shouldn’t have done to return to being competitive.”

“People ask me what I would have done… nothing. The directors have acquired players who were reserves in other teams. One example is Leandro Rinaudo. It’s the same with Simone Pepe.

“Juve’s transfer market resembles that of a provincial team. They don’t have the power to attract players like they once did. And they are a club that fails to protect players who often come under the microscope.

“They need quality. It makes no sense to buy a load of players who are useless to the project.”

It still early days in the league and we will only know the extent of such remarks when the season fully gets underway. Juve’s next match is at home to tough opponents Sampdoria. If Del Neri can successfully lead his side to a victory then, it would definitely do much to hush the growing cries of his critics.

Photo credit: from fellata d’agnino