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The Yank’s Correspondence To Commissioner Garber


FROM: The Yank

TO: Commissioner Don “the Don” Garber

CC: MLS Fans

DATE: May 11, 2010

RE: mlssoccer.com


Dear Don,

You never asked me to research how real MLS fans feel about the league’s new site, but I did it anyway. I sought feedback on message boards and in chatrooms. I wanted to know how the fans felt, and I did it because I think you should know. I know you have probably gotten a lot of email about it already, so I will try to lay off the vitriol (regular readers know I am capable of randomly ranting). I just wanted to take a second to tell you how I and others feel. 

We are extremely disappointed in the league’s website. If we could end its pain by euthanizing it, we would. The worst part isn’t even the completely broken site, it’s the completely broken promises. You vowed to us that a relaunch would help rejuvenate the league’s presence on the web. Instead you delivered something that fans who are “internet savvy” consider perhaps the worst website ever. And I’m not being hyperbolic for once, literally the worst. Dead last.

Don, I am not on Facebook. I am not on Twitter. The vast majority of Americans are not on Facebook and/or Twitter. Why are you turning your back on real fans in order to court the support of people who have no loyalties. For example, I guaran-freaking-tee you that every person on Facebook and Twitter probably had a MySpace. I didn’t have one of those either, did you Don? No, of course you didn’t. You are too busy playing World of Warcraft all the time.

Commissioner Garber, I kid, but I am also dead serious when I tell you how disappointed many of the league’s fans were regarding the snafus with the site. It wasn’t so much that you guys suffered so many technical (and perhaps mental) glitches, it was more that your apologies for said glitches didn’t come off as apologies at all. Instead, they sort of came off as slights to those of “us” that really did want to go on the site after WK 1 and see who took all the corners.

You know “us”, right? We’re the real fans. The ones who actually want to peruse a stat or two.

And we will be at games whether you have a website or not.

Just don’t patronize us and tell us you are going to serve us an authentic Italian pesto pasta and then pull out a Pizza Hut brogioli (might not be a real item, but it sounds like it could be). Your site sucks. You still don’t have the stats up that everyone is looking for. Trying to find Osama is easier than tracking down an injury report and the discipline report seems to have gone the way of the Triceratops (if you believe they are extinct). Just give us what we want.

Information. Screw the video (which is still loading since I clicked it last Wednesday) and don’t worry about all your B.S. international coverage (even the Yanks’ abroad stuff). We can get that stuff elsewhere and it will be better. Give us instead what you said you would, which is a site devoted to the league’s fans, not a site devoted to trying to be some non-soccer fan’s idea of what is “cool” in 2010. I can tell you this Don, your website right now is not “cool.”

Then again, in 2010, neither am I. 

P.S. I would have sent you this by email but I knew your tech guys probably would mess it up.

P.S.S. Have you given any more thought to my presentation on bringing back the Mutiny?

Creative Commons License photo credit: ByronF