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MLS’s Iron Horse Record to Pass to Klein

Chris Klein is not exactly the most well known player on the Galaxy. But, when you have the most well known player in the galaxy on the Galaxy, it’s tough to compete for attention.

Klein does have one thing Becks should value though – a complete and utter lack of fragility. This weekend, Klein will start his 94th consecutive MLS game, a span lasting approximately three years. Despite suffering severe injuries early in his career, Klein has enjoyed an oasis of health throughout the streak.

Klein’s streak actually began back in 2005 in Kansas City, where he spent the first eight years of his career. It also includes his 41 consecutive starts for RSL in 2006 and 2007 and his 27 appearances for the Galaxy since he was acquired last season. While Favre and Ripken set their Iron Horse records with the same squad, Klein has been content to shuffle around the league and play when and where he can.

This guy has been written off so often he has won the Comeback Player of the Year Award not once but twice. Despite his dedication and perseverance, his duties with the MNT have been limited since 2003. He’s widely respected as a grinder, but the powers-that-be with US Soccer just don’t feel he could add much to a MNT squad I reckon.

Well, there’s one thing he can add. Professionalism, perseverance, and experience. That’s three actually.

While MNT invites may not be in his future, the record is. So, for one day, let’s all say “David Who?” and focus our praise on Chris Klein, MLS’s Iron Horse.