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MLS Transfer News and Rumors

I read in the Boston Globe today that DC United is in negotiations with Juan Sebastian Veron for next season at a cool price of $4 million a year. Veron who failed miserably in England and is now 32 years of age. My opinion is that that they over the hill former superstars is not the path that MLS should be taking.

Another aging player that the Galaxy is reportedly targeting is Celtic forward Maciej Zurawski. Zurawski, who is 31 years old, cannot make the starting lineup at Celtic. Yet he is supposedly the forward that the Galaxy needs to convert all those Beckham crosses.

Speaking of the Galaxy, it appears that D.C. United is in discussions about acquiring Joe Cannon, two-time MLS goalkeeper of the year. While Cannon is slated to become the highest-paid goalie in MLS next season (around $200,000) his performance late last year could nor have filled his new coach with a lot of confidence.

Juan Carlos Osorio is expected to be introduced as the new coach of the New York Red Bulls in the very next future after leaving the Chicago Fire on Monday. Former Red Bulls coach Bruce Arena is reportedly interested in the Scotland manager job. As a Scotland fan, all I can say is noooo. Arena is an ok coach, but his performance in the world cup did not fill me with a lot of confidence.