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MLS SuperDraft Recap

Yesterday’s MLS SuperDraft piqued the interest of a lot of soccer fans. Here are some of the best insights and commentaries on the draft that we found:

  • The Orlando Sentinel had all 56 players picked in this weeks draft
  • 3rd Degree had probably the some of the best coverage of the draft including a mock draft!
  • Soccer by Ives has a great draft post-mortem. His draft winners are Chicago, Kansas City and Toronto.
  • Martin Rogers at Yahoo has some notes on draft day including the trade of David Beckham buddy and teammate Chris Albright to the Revolution

Some of my draft day thoughts. The trade before the draft of Nick Garcia to the San Jose Earthquakes will really help the Earthquakes in 2008 as will the trade of former United States national team member Chris Albright to the Revolution.

I was a little surprised that six of the first eight players take were Generation Adidas players. The wages of these players don’t count against the cap so will teams save the money or will they use it to either pay their existing players more or to attract more players from overseas.