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MLS Sunday Features More Ties Than Your Local TJ Maxx

I’m an American, and, yes, I do think draws are boring. I’m not saying we should go back to the days of MLS extra time shootouts, but if I were manager of an MLS squad (or any club for that matter), I would push everyone up and try to get the win. If for every time you got the go-ahead goal, you blew it twice on defense, you would still break even.

Today’s MLS matchups resulted in three ties. Well, two official ties and one that appears to be a tie (LA and COL are tied with about 35 minutes to play). Boring? Sure. Especially when the players look as indifferent as some of them did today.

The Crew picked up a road point against the Fire, but neither team really cares anymore. Now, they are just doing what qualified teams are supposed to do: playing not to get hurt. Who can blame them? Apparently Steve Ralston didn’t get that memo, and now he will miss the playoffs, courtesy of Mr. Hercules Gomez.

United failed to get a much needed win at Houston. The Dynamo flat out dominated them, but couldn’t get a goal. DC’s winless streak is now ridiculously long. Their goalless streak is also now monumental, over 450 minutes. Perhaps the only thing longer than both is the odds they will make the playoffs this year. It’s pretty sad when your squad can’t get more than a point from HOU (who was missing some of its most potent weapons and seemed disinterested at times).

Finally, LA and Colorado are tied at one. LA needs the win, while the Rapids badly want it. Unless Buddle does it singlehandedly in the second half, it looks like the Galaxy’s playoff chances will go from unlikely to nearly impossible. If they do tie, today may be the most boring Sunday of the season.

They say, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Which makes absolutely no sense, if you think about it. If it’s the only thing, than isn’t it everything?

Actually, don’t think about it. It may be too heavy a philosophical matter to consider on the Sabbath.

Have a beer and watch the rest of the Gals game instead.