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MLS Stats Harder to Understand Than Electoral College

The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election is now complete. Here are the results:

The electoral college score (which actually decides who wins): Obama 349 – McCain 163

The popular vote score (which doesn’t mean anything): Obama 63,804,702 – McCain 56,359,081

One of those scores looks way closer than the other, and its the one we should probably care about. It’s the one based on the one man/one vote theory upon which the political theory of democracy is based. Yet, even as Americans, the supposed torchbearers of democracy, we use a nutty system that bears no relation to the one man/one vote doctrine.

Every four years, I think about how absolutely ridiculous it is that we still use the electoral college to elect the President of the United States, instead of the popular vote. You can blab to me about the founder’s fear of factions and explain to me the history and tradition of the system. But, I’m not buying it. It’s like the BCS, only even more arbitrary. One man, one vote. That is democracy. It’s simple. It’s ideal. But, the election system we got here? It’s more complicated than bridge and Pokemon combined. Think about that for a second and see if your head doesn’t explode.

But electoral votes aren’t the only crazy numbers I have been looking at lately. I have also been looking at MLS year-end stats. Wow, there is some nutty stuff in those numbers. Here were some of the most ridiculous stats from the 2008 season:

  • Columbus was 11-1 in one goal games. That’s amazing. They basically won every close match they played. It’s a testament to Schelotto, Schmid, Hesmer… Heck, the whole crew (er… Crew). The fact they could always pull it out is even more impressive when you compare them to a team like Dallas, who was 2-8 in one goal games (and should have been 2-10 if not for some questionable calls @ Pizza Hut Park).   
  • No team lost more than one game after leading at halftime. That’s also nearly unbelievable. It was a year with only a few great games because we really didn’t see that many amazing comebacks. 
  • No team finished less than .500 at home. This is quite impressive, and it’s really a tribute to you supporters groups out there. Well done. Nobody likes to watch someone come into their house and beat their team. Especially not in person. No, not when you paid for the seats! You willed your squads to victory and punished the visitors thoroughly, I salute you!
  • Colorado was 0-10 in games they trailed at halftime. Wow, I wonder why they missed the playoffs? I still wonder where C. Gomez is too? Does anyone know? Is he still sitting on the bench @ the Dick? Please, tell me!!!
  • Half the teams in the league gave up more goals in the last 15 minutes of games than they did in the first 30 minutes, with the Galaxy (obviously) being the worst offender with a ridiculous 16 goals given up in their games’ final minutes. No wonder they were so bad. If it’s any consolation to them, at least they should know CMB gave up the same number of goals in the final 15 min. last year. Hey, I’m sure Arena loves that stat. 

So, these numbers just go to show you that anything can happen in MLS.

And you know what? 

The same goes for America. Anything can happen here too. Don’t believe it?

Believe it.