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MLS Season Ready For Kick-Off

Major League Soccer to many is synonymous with the LA Galaxy, D.C. United or the now dissolved New York Cosmos – at least if you are not a keen follower of this league.  Football or should i say soccer still ranks lower compared to other national pass times baseball, basketball and American Football. However, things are changing.

If what i am reading is anything to go by, then soccer could be at par with the rest of these sports in a few years. Statistics say that 1,000,000 million American parents are cultivating the soccer culture within their children every year especially during the summer spell. That is a massive amount!

As we all know,to be successful at anything you have to tap and nurture the talents of  children when they are still young. This season’s opening game will see the Seattle Sounders host Philadelphia Union on Thursday March 25th at 2130 ET in the inaugural MLS match .

Last season Seattle averaged 30,000 fans at QWest Field and it will be exciting to see how the fans respond this season. Philadelphia on the other will be coached by MLS All-Time Best XI member Peter Nowak.  Of course some people feel that Seattle got an easy start against Philly.

History will be made this season as the MLS will not play any league games during the group stages of the world cup. The last MLS league game will be played on June 10th just a day before the kick-off between South Africa and Mexico is Johannesburg’s Soccer City. The league games will however resume on June 25. It definitely will be an amazing season close to if not better than what some of the leagues in Europe are experiencing.

Photo credit: blahhhstyn