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MLS Saturday Clears Up Foggy Playoff Picture

With only one game left in the season for most teams (well, except for Colorado and Chivas, who play today), the playoff brackets are finally being filled in.

San Jose lost by one goal to Houston on Wednesday, then dropped another one goal game to Kansas City on Saturday. The Quakes are no longer in playoff contention. It was a fantastic run, but playoffs were too much to ask of the Quakes in their inaugural season.

Houston also helped knock LA out of playoff contention by putting a 3-0 “whupping” on the Gals. Now, the Gals need to avoid a loss to Dallas on the season’s final weekend, or they could end up on the bottom of the league table. Beckham, Donovan & Co. should be embarassed. I bet they are too.

Dallas lost to RSL, which ends the former Burn’s run for the playoffs. I’m glad they are out, as I thought their last two ties were blatantly gifted by home referees. RSL is in the post-season for the first time ever now. Congrats to them and their fans, who surely deserve a trip to the playoffs more than just about anyone.

New York kept control of its playoff destiny by taking out Columbus 3-1. Now, they will need to hope for a DCU loss or pick up a point against the Fire to make it into the playoffs. Kansas City is also in the driver’s seat, as they picked up another win versus SJE. They will need to do well against the Revs on the road to ensure DCU can’t catch them.

Toronto FC were unfortunately eliminated from the playoff picture even though they had a nice 3-2 win over the Fire @ BMO Field. While I am sure their stark raving mad fans are upset, they should also be glad that they looked much improved this season. The acquisition of Barrett was great, and there is a lot of DP talk coming out of Toronto, so I assure you, the best is yet to come.

DC kept its slim playoff chances from expiring altogether as they eeked out a 2-1 win over the Revs. Now, they need a win against the Crew in the regular season’s final game, and they need either New York or Kansas City to lose. It could happen, but I still think DC narrowly misses the playoffs.

So, really it has come down now to KC, New York, DCU and maybe Colorado, if they can get three points today. If Colorado loses today against the Goats, the playoff chase will become pretty boring, as only DCU would have the chance to leapfrog another team into the playoffs. 

After much confusion, the playoff picture has finally come into focus. Now, only a few teams still have something to fight for. For the rest, it’s either rest for the postseason, or… well, just rest I guess. Enjoy your vacation Landycakes & Becks…