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MLS Quarter Season Storylines

Believe it or not, one quarter of the MLS season has already expired. Let’s review a few of the interesting stories that have consumed the season so far:

The Rich Get Poorer?

Last year’s Supporter’s Shield Winner DC United and last year’s MLS Cup Champion Houston Dynamo have looked bizarre. Granted, both teams lost key players in the offseason, but both also brought in some new talent that just hasn’t gelled yet. DCU has been miserable on the road, losing all four games, while Houston can’t find the net. One has to feel that ’08 will be the end of both these team’s great runs.

COL On Top!

In the East, it’s the COLumbus Crew, and in the West, the COLorado Rapids. Both teams’ turnarounds are due to the COLlaborative play of their leaders, Schelotto and Gomez. Will they continue to COLdcock opponents?

L.A. What?


What a difference a year makes. Well, offensively anyways. The Gals have 5 more goals than any other team this year, which is swell. Now, if they could just not give so many up. Beckham’s play has been strong, but he has been most valuable in the way he has opened the field up for Donovan.