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MLS Power Rankings: Week 9


  1. Chicago Fire [last week 2] Blanco showed why he was my preseason MVP candidate by surgically dismantling NYRB. I felt the Fire belonged on top of the rankings for awhile now, it just took them some time to finally get here.
  2. Columbus Crew [last week 1]: The Crew were finally beaten at home on a last minute heartbreaker. The tough loss bumps them from #1 in the East, and the top spot on these rankings. MNT absences could have them falling further soon.
  3. New England Revolution [last week 5]: The Revs flat out get it done when Ralston is out there. Plus, the defense is about as stable as they come. Parkhurst, Albright and Heaps were the first unit with the experience to contain Schelotto.
  4. Los Angeles Galaxy [last week 8]: Wow. Who’d have thunk L.A. could climb the ladder in the West so quickly. Though Beckham’s goal was highlight worthy, Donovan was still the man who secured the victory with a pinpoint assist.
  5. Toronto FC [last week 6]: Holy Crap? Was that really Danny Dichio? After playing below his hype for basically his whole career, Dichio exploded for three goals in two games to emerge 1-1 with DCU for the week. TFC has finally arrived.
  6. New York Red Bulls [last week 4]: Ugly defense that ceded four goals in 14 minutes. Check. Impotent offense that can only produce garbage time goals. Check. Losing Altidore to MNT duty. Check. Going to get worse. Check.
  7. Kansas City [last week 7]: KCW built its reputation on the back of its stingy defense, but lately that defense has had its flaws exposed for all to see. You can’t give up late goals, and KCW now knows that better than most teams.
  8. Colorado Rapids [last week 3]:  A rare disappointing defensive showing at the Dick means the Gals pass the Rapids to take West supremacy. COL will continue to test MLS’s best, but I still fear they lack the offensive muscle to win it all.
  9. FC Dallas [last week 10]:  Dominic Oduro is the most popular player at Pizza Hut Park after his thrilling willing of FCD back into the race in the West with two late goals that only Abe Thompson (whom he replaced) couldn’t appreciate.
  10. Chivas USA [last week 11]: A big away win for Chivas. Unfortunately though, MNT absences (primarily that of Kljestan) will wreak havoc on the Goats’ upcoming rosters. Now is when Preki’s brilliance must appear, or CHV will be also-rans.
  11. Houston Dynamo [last week 9]: How embarassing! The same contingent that won it all in San Jose returns to the city only to have their asses handed to them by the patchwork quilt that is the New Quakes. Kinnear must feel a little queasy.
  12. Real Salt Lake [last week 12]: Another week, another loss for RSL because they simply cannot play a whole 90 minutes. Playoff caliber teams do not cede two goals to Oduro in the last eight minutes. Poor Morales, only he seems to give a damn.
  13. DC United [last week 13]: Sure, they beat TFC at home. But, they needed another trademark Jaime Moreno PK to secure the win. And the defense couldn’t stop Danny Dichio. This team is a shell of its former self. Gallardo’s no Gomez.
  14. San Jose Earthquakes [last week 14]: I know, they pull off a huge win and I let them languish at the bottom anyways. I am such a prick. But in my defense, I still think DCU is better. But, I’ll say this for the Quakes: they got fight in ’em. Just not many goals.

Player of the Week: Well, while I would love to go with Dichio and his 3 goals, or Blanco and his trifecta of assists, I will instead award the weekly hardware to Dominic Oduro, whose brilliance in the final minutes of FCD’s win over RSL showed exactly why some teams are bound for post-season play and others are destined to fall short. Determination.

Oduro has largely been a disappointment, but with Cooper heading off to perform MNT duty, he likely wanted to impress his way into his new manager’s starting lineup. Well, single-handedly willing your squad to victory will get you some PT I bet. Was it just your typical RSL late-game breakdown, or can Oduro do it again?

The rest of the West better hope he can’t.