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MLS Power Rankings: Week 5


  1. Columbus Crew [last week 3]: More surprising than discovering your date is a dude, the Crew continue to shock opponents and fans alike with their gritty, composed performances. A Moreno who isn’t named Jaime has 4 goals in 5 games.
  2. Chicago Fire [last week 4]: If Blanco could have scored at the end of that one amazing bit of slalom-like dribbling, it would have been an MLS highlight for the ages. Even without the goal though, COL was no match for the Fire.
  3. FC Dallas [last week 2]: Dario Sala is one of the most enigmatic keepers in the league. One second he is making unthinkable, athletic saves and the next he is getting nutmegged. I still like the Hoops to take the West though.
  4. Kansas City [last week 1]: A tough loss to stomach for Onalfo, I’m sure, but nobody has been able to put one past the posts for a visitor’s side at BMO yet this year. Lopez has looked more mouse-like than Louse-like.
  5. New England Revolution [last week 8]: Nicol doesn’t get his due. Like Marv Levy, he is hounded by his losses on the biggest stage. But during the regular season, is there anyone who gets more done with less than Stevie?
  6. New York Red Bulls [last week 9]: OK, it was just SJE, so maybe bumping them three spots is a tad much. The move is more by default though due to other teams’ poor play. Jozy’s throw away goal was nice for the stats though.
  7. Colorado Rapids [last week 6]: Despite the addition of Gomez, the Rapids look more and more each week like their old mediocre self. Chicago didn’t just beat them, they flat out dominated them. Tough loss though all the same.
  8. DC United [last week 7]: So dominant in the spacious confines of RFK, yet so deplorable when forced to dress in the visitors’ quarters. Moreno looked great out there vs. RSL though. He looked like circa 1998 Moreno.
  9. Toronto FC [last week 10]: Toronto will be tough at home this year, but how they play on the road will determine their fate. Guevara was probably the biggest FA signing of the offseason. Mo, I take it all back baby.
  10. Los Angeles Galaxy [last week 13]: L.A. has emerged as an offensive juggernaut, which is good because the D still has a long way to go. But, hey, if you could get 3 goals from L.D. every week, you’d probably never lose.
  11. Chivas USA [last week 5]: Chivas is in free fall on this board due to the defensive woes plaguing the Goats. Landon Donovan is not Pele, but he sure looked like him last weekend thanks to Preki’s deplorable defense.
  12. Real Salt Lake [last week 11]: Though they have looked fantastic at home, you can’t make the playoffs if you never pick up a win on someone else’s pitch. They’ve been hideously ugly on the road this year.
  13. Houston Dynamo [last week 12]: Who would have thought the Dynamos would have no wins after 5 games? I wonder if the Golden Boy has any regrets (well, yes, he does!). Things haven’t been this ugly in Houston since the Enron scandal.
  14. San Jose Earthquakes [last week 14]: A tough loss, but unfortunately shutouts are a scenario SJE fans will likely see unfold often this year. You just don’t win alot of games when you only average .5 goals per game.


Player of the Week: He deserved Honorable Mention last week, but this week it has got to be U.S. Men’s National TeamAll-Time Leading goal scorer, frontrunner for 2008 MLS MVP and hubby of the chick from Rules of Engagement, Landon Donovan.

Donovan is on fire. Three goals and one assist in Week 5 pairs nicely with his two goals from the previous week. After five games, he’s got 8 goals (more than twice than the next name on the league leader list), and is on pace to score 48 goals this season. By the time his career is over, he will be the MLS’s All-Time leading scorer too. Not bad for someone who has always been labeled too small to play up top.