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MLS Power Rankings: Week 4


  1. Kansas City [last week 4]: If you can beat last week’s #1 and look confident doing it, you become this week’s #1, no questions asked. With Hartman playing so well, this team’s defense is pretty much impenetrable.
  2. FC Dallas [last week 5]: MLS’s last unbeaten team laid a beatdown on Preki’s boys. Even without Toja, the Hoops looked like a team in charge of their own destiny. Alvarez is one of the brightest young players in MLS.
  3. Columbus Crew [last week 6]: MLS’s biggest surprise thus far kept surprising us by outwilling DCU. Schelotto may be the best professional player in North America right now. His passes are flat out impossible to contain.
  4. Chicago Fire [last week 1]: A tough loss, sure. But Blanco’s bunch is still a win away from being atop the East, and if they can withstand their upcoming tough schedule, they will be set to make a run @ the Supporters’ Shield.
  5. Chivas USA [last week 3]: The loss to Dallas was tough, but Chivas has the talent and depth to beat just about anyone. Once healthy, the West will be the Goat’s dominion. The only question is whether health will ever come.
  6. Colorado Rapids [last week 2]: Wow. I didn’t see that coming and I’m sure Clavijo didn’t either. The Rapids have to win home games against subpar teams like SJE. When did the Dick go soft? (sorry, couldn’t resist)  
  7. DC United [last week 7]: Another week, another loss for United. Soehn is starting to look as desperate as my MLS fantasy team, which he virtually coaches. He needs more offense, and his quick fixes just aren’t working,
  8. New England Revolution [last week 8]: This team is soooooo scrappy despite being without its four biggest stars from last year. I love the Gambians. Why aren’t other MLS teams scouring Africa for talent?
  9. New York Red Bulls [last week 9]: Jozy is not a boy, yet still not a man. Once he does become the man though, MLS will not be competitive enough to hang on to him. That’s great for Jozy and the MNT, but not RBNY.
  10. Toronto FC [last week 12]: Wow. Who would have thunk it, huh? Two in a row. In the industry, that’s what we like to call a “winning streak”. Like Labatts, that’s certainly something the Red Patch Boys could get used to.
  11. Real Salt Lake [last week 10]: You just can’t get shut out by TFC and not drop in the rankings. In their defense, they generally controlled the flow of play. But, good teams stop players like Ronnie O’Brien from running wild.
  12. Houston Dynamo [last week 11]: I just don’t get it. Ching is simply non-effective, Ricardo Clark looks like a bully and the defense couldn’t stop the deplorable Galaxy from scoring two goals. It’s panic time in Texas.
  13. Los Angeles Galaxy [last week 13]: Donovan and Beckham are undeniably two of the best players in the league and their chemistry is clearly evolving. Now Alexi just needs nine more guys, and Franchino is not one of them.
  14. San Jose Earthquakes [last week 14]: They won, yes. I am happy for them. I still think they are pretty pathetic though. But in MLS, you never know. That Kamara kid has some speed though.


Player of the Week: The Crew’s Alejandro Moreno.

Moreno is the second straight Crew player to receive POTW after Schelotto took home the hardware last week. His first goal broke DCU’s spirit. His second goal (I know the official statistician designated it an own goal against DCU, but replays showed it should have been accredited to Moreno) was the difference maker though.