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MLS Power Rankings: Week 1

MLS Power Rankings (04/02)

  1. DC United (last week 2): How do you lose and move up one spot? Well, DCU’s performance against KC was not as bad as the score sheet indicated. If not for a questionable offsides penalty, DCU would have evened things in the second half and may have escaped from a very pumped-up KC team with a point.
  2. Chivas USA (last week 3): No Suarez (who missed the game to be at his father’s funeral) meant subpar D from Preki’s bunch. However, a late Galindo strike allowed Chivas to escape with a point. This team will have nine lives like that all season.
  3. New England Revolution (last week 4): Uh oh. First you lose Dorman and Noonan to Europe, and now Twellman and Ralston to injury? All four of NER’s best offensive players in 2007 will not be in the lineup this week (next 4-6 weeks actually). But, hey…. they still have some quick youngsters so I am not writing them off yet.
  4. Houston Dynamo (last week 1): Last week’s #1 sure fell out of favor with me fast. The offense just didn’t look sharp and the D was uncharacteristically flat. Kinnear better hope Ching was affected by jetlag, and not old age. On the bright side, Onstad played quite well.
  5. Kansas City (last week 7): Those Argentines sure can play. A tip of the cap to the Wiz’s front office, whose eleventh hour deal to bring in Lopez already has paid some dividends. Trujillo looks fantastic as well. Poor Sealy… amazing how you can fall down the depth chart so fast.
  6. Colorado Rapids (last week 8): Was it the most impressive performance of the week? Or was it just that they were playing the Galaxy? I think a little of both. But you can’t deny that Cooke and Co. can play, and that Gomez fella sure has some nifty attacking skills.
  7. Chicago Fire (last week 5): Tough to drop the Fire two spots after a tie, but I was seriously surprised they did not look better against RSL. Blanco saved them with a great strike, but they didn’t look too hot until stoppage time.
  8. FC Dallas (last week 6): Juan Toja has got to be one of the most exciting players in the league. Pantene is crazy for not giving this guy some sort of endorsement contract.
  9. New York Red Bulls (last week 9): I can’t move ’em down yet since they had Week 1 off. I’m looking forward to seeing Angel and Altidore in action this week though. The more I think about this team, the less I am sure how good they are.
  10. Columbus Crew (last week 11): An impressive performance by the Crew, especially in midfield. They dominated the game, without a doubt. But how could they not against TFC. No offense, but if you lose to TFC this season, you are automatically getting dropped at least two spots.
  11. Real Salt Lake (last week 14): I said I would move ’em up if they played well, and so here you go RSL fan. They outplayed the Fire for 91 minutes, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Funny, didn’t I say that was exactly their problem last year too (giving up late goals)? Not bad for a blogger who doesn’t analyze stuff.
  12. Toronto FC (last week 12): Same old, same old. Mo needs some offense, and he needs it fast. This team could end up below the Quakes this year, which would have to be embarassing.
  13. San Jose Earthquakes (last week 13): Ain’t seen ’em yet so not gonna move ’em. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.
  14. Los Angeles Galaxy (last week 10): Not just ugly, but really, really, really ugly. I am sorry, but that was some of the most uninspired play I have EVER seen at the professional level. The Galaxy earned this spot. The pertinent question is, can they crawl out of it by beating #13? What’s the altitude in San Jose?