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MLS Postseason Predictions (Second Leg Edition)

Wow, did anyone listen to my playoff picks a few weeks ago and decide to bet a little money down the stretch on the teams I picked?

I sure didn’t.

I wish I had though, as I was (uncharacteristically) right on when it came to who would be the postseason squads. Kansas City, New York and RSL all secured spots in the final weeks.

Now the playoffs are officially on and it’s time to predict some more winners. I wouldn’t bet on these though as I likely used up what little foresight I had with those pre-playoff picks. I won’t be due for another correct prediction until the 2016 Kentucky Derby. But here goes anyways.

KC and CMB tied 1-1, and now the Supporters Shield winners head home for leg two. I don’t know how you couldn’t like the Crew in this one. But, like I’ve always said, you can never underestimate Jimmy Conrad and the Wiz. I still like the Crew though at home, 1-0.

HOU eeked out a draw with NYRB. Now, the Dynamo will host the Red Bulls in the comfort of their home arena in the all-important second match. I like Houston to win this one with style, 3-1. 

RSL and CHV met in a thriller in that beautiful new stadium in Utah. Real Salt Lake pulled out an unbelievable 1-0 win on a late Movsisyan goal. I commend Preki on his job this year, but RSL is a team of fate it appears, and I expect them to escape to the next round on aggregate, 1-1.

Finally, CHI and NER met in New England for leg one and played to a tough draw. Now, CHI will play at home against a Revs team that has been decimated by injury. I believe experience will be the difference, and CHI has it on their side so long as NER lacks their crafty leader, Steve Ralston. McBride and Blanco get the Fire by to the conference finals, 2-0.

Well, even though I’m a straight up prediction whore tonight, here’s one I won’t make.

President of the United States. 

All I know is this: Tomorrow, one man will become the next president of America. One man (or woman) will become the next VP. Between the four of them, none of them will be named Dick Cheney.

That’s a good thing for us (and U.S.) I think. Not so great for his ol’ hunting buddies. He’s gonna have a lot more free time on his hands, and I think quail season may have just started.