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MLS Playoffs Looking “Up In The Air”

The MLS Playoffs opened up on Thursday night with a draw between Houston and Seattle.  Given that Houston win in almost from the beginning of the season and Seattle had to pull it together at the last minute to get in I’d say this leaves a great deal of promise for the playoffs.

On Saturday Columbus and Salt Lake square in their first Semi-Final match and if they go anything like Houston and Columbus this should be a doozy.  Columbus backed into the playoffs while Salt Lake made a lat surge to get in and now we’ll see what Columbus is made of.

Think about it…Salt Lake has nothing to lose.  They weren’t really supposed to get in to begin with and now they’re playing the best team in the league (who was the best team in the league the whole season) and they can just take a laissez faire attitude and say “Well, let’s give this a shot!”

On the other hand, Columbus has everything to lose.  When you’re the best team in the league all year and you run into a team you’re supposed to beat…in the playoffs…you had better beat them.  The pressure in the Columbus locker room will be thick enough to eat.  There’s no way they can’t feel a little nervous about this given how they backpedaled into the playoffs.

How long before the pressure gets to Columbus?

Salt Lake has been my dark horse for a hot minute now and I’m going to ride them all the way to the promised land.  I don’t think Columbus can handle, but if they they better show me on Saturday or they’ll have dug a hole that they may not be able to get out of.  At the end of the day…

The MLS Cup is Columbus’ to lose…