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MLS Playoffs Almost Set

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!  Salt Lake won yesterday to put themselves in the MLS Playoffs and now only New England is playing for their life when they suit up today.  They win and they’re in.  They lose and Colorado squeaks in by the skin of their teeth.

I must say that I’m disappointed in Dallas because when I first came on the block they had just scored 5000 goals in a game and I thought they could keep it up.  I also thought that with Salt Lake surging the battle might be between Dallas and Salt Lake.  So much for that.  Salt Lake surged and Dallas remained inconsistent to the end.

Now we only have New England playing for its life against Columbus.  I said the other day that I thought Columbus might shut it down to allow some players to rest before the playoffs…now, I’m not so sure.

I mean, if they rest and just sort of let New England coast into the playoffs then they’ve basically sucked the competition out of the league.   With that in mind I think the Crew will be out for blood.  I don’t know whose blood they’ll be out for, but they’ll be out for blood.  If we think for one second that the best team in the league will allow a “b league” squad to just beat them to get into the playoffs then we’ve all lot our minds.

If New England wants to stay in the hunt for the MLS Cup they’re going to have to die on the field today, because that might be the only way to beat the Crew.  I’m calling it:  New England DOES NOT WANT a Crew club that doesn’t want to back into the playoffs and doesn’t want to give the Revolution a freebie.   Columbus – 2   New England – 0

Merry Christmas, Colorado.