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MLS Playoff Push: Three Weeks Left, Three Spots Up For Grabs

With only three weeks remaining in the regular season, the playoff race is more tightly contested than ever before. Columbus and Houston are in, and New England, Chicago and even Chivas appear to have a firm grasp on their postseason spots. However, three spots (the third in the West and the two wild card spots) are still up for grabs. Here are the numbers with three games to play.

1. New York (35)

2. Salt Lake (35)

3. Colorado (34)

4. Dallas (34)

5. Kansas City (33)

6. D.C. (33)

7. Toronto (31)

8. San Jose (30)

9. L.A. (29)

 Last weekend, San Jose and Salt Lake escaped with unexpected road points while Kansas City, Dallas, New York and Colorado all missed out on big opportunities to pick up points at home. L.A. also dropped yet another game and fell, once again, to the bottom of the league table.

Throughout the week, we here at STO will be looking at each of above squad’s final stretches and analyzing exactly what these teams need to do to have a shot at MLS Cup glory. Check back with us soon for your team’s breakdown.