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MLS Playoff Push: The Pushover Edition

I was going to write a full post about each team’s playoff chances, but its getting close to game time and the three teams left (Toronto, San Jose and LA)…

Well, let’s just say I don’t need to delve too deeply into analysis to discover these teams probably are not going to make it. The Sounders have a better chance of qualifying than a couple of these teams.

If any of the three will, it would likely be San Jose. They have a huge advantage over the other teams due to having four games (b/c of an earlier rained out match against HOU), but I just still don’t think they will get there in their inaugural season. In addition to the Dynamo, they have to play the Goats, the Wiz and Toronto, all of whom have been on the upswing lately.

Plus, pairing with the struggling Spurs? Never a good sign.

Sorry Quakes’ fans, maybe next year.

As for Toronto, they have been feisty lately. But, they have two road games left, and let’s face it, they’ve been beyond poor on the road (with the exception of last week’s win over RBNY). I just do not see them picking up enough points to steal a wild card.

Finally, the Galaxy. Ah, yes, I have saved the best (er, worst) for last.

Currently, they are on the bottom of the league table. Boy, makes you wish we had relegation don’t it? Making matters worse, they finish the year with the resurgent Rapids, the best-in-the-west Dynamo and Dallas, who has been unstoppable lately. I don’t foresee any possible way they can make it in with that schedule.

Not to mention their best players will be absent for some of those games.

Beckham will miss two of the last three due to national team duty and a well-deserved suspension for constantly bitching at the refs. Donovan will also be out this week with the U.S. Nats. Unless Arena can clone Buddle prior to Sunday night’s game, the Gals will lose and drop out of contention.

So, that’s it folks. CMB, NER & CHI will snag the East seeds, HOU, CHV and RSL the West. Then, RBNY and KCW will cling to the wild cards. It could happen. Probably won’t though. Actually, it definitely won’t now that I’ve picked ’em to do it.

But, that’s how I think it will go down. Any questions?

I still have one…

Does no one seriously know why the Rapids will not play Gomez?

He was probably a dick to the coach.

But, isn’t that fitting considering his club’s venue?