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MLS Playoff Push: Kansas City Edition

What a crazy year it’s been for Jimmy Conrad and the boys from lil’ ol’ Kansas City. After a strong start, KC has been pretty mediocre for the duration of the season. They’ve had spurts of good play, but they have been way too streaky.

Yet, the Wiz are within pissing distance of the playoffs. And fortunate for them, they are due for another hot streak.

They currently sit only one point behind Dallas and Colorado for the final wild card.  To make the playoffs, they will have to play well against the Revs (not once, but twice) and get a home win against the Quakes.

Can they do it?

I think so. Even though they haven’t done too much lately (like I said, streaky).

I think they will do very well against NE, not once, but twice. The Revs are in the playoffs for all practical purposes and likely won’t be looking to waste a lot of energy before the postseason begins. I think they will get one win (at home this weekend), and one tie (at NER on the season’s final day). New England’s offense has been lackluster lately, and Hartman is the kind of keeper that can will his squad into the playoffs.

That’s 4 points and gets them to 37, which won’t be enough.

But, Kansas City gets the Quakes at home next week too. I think SJE’s star has started to fade in unison with their playoff chances. If the Quakes lose this weekend, I think they will pack it in and and drop one the next week to the Wiz. If KC picks up that win between games against the Revs, they could be at 40 points overall, which I think will get them in the postseason.

I am picking KC over all the others because I think they best exemplify a “team”. They do not really have any superstars (sorry, Claudio). Conrad is a great player, but he’s a classic grinder and not a playmaker. What they have needed all year is a creative forward. A set up guy for Lopez, Arnaud and Wolff.

What’s kept them alive though is their depth and selfless style of play. They actually try to all go out on the field with the same mentality (to win the game), unlike some other playoff contenders (like the Galaxy who just seem to say “er, who cares about the final score, let’s score a goal, yippeee!”).

That’s why I like them to make the playoffs.

Oh, and their big need? The creative forward? The set up guy? 

They just recently picked one up in Herculez Gomez. He’s got two assists already in only 4 starts. If he can gel with his teammates, they will play in November.