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MLS Playoff Push: Colorado Edition

The Colorado Rapids are talking up their current playoff position pretty hard on their website. If you went there, you’d probably think they were in already. It is true that they would make it to the big dance if the regular season ended today, but I’m the type of superstitious fan who doesn’t want my team to think about the playoffs until they’ve qualified. Until then, just think about the next game.

But, I guess you could call the Rapids (and their fans) confident though, which is never a bad thing in pro sports.

Well, so long as you’re not overconfident, that is.

The Rapids do have  a lot of reasons to be confident though. In their last 5 games, they are 3-1-1. Plus, they finish the season playing three Western Division foes who have not been real scary this year. They’ll spend the next two weeks in LA taking on the Galaxy and the Goats. Sure, they’re road games but at least they won’t have to travel. Then, they take on Real Salt Lake at the Dick on the season’s last weekend. It’s not a very intimidating finish.

But, I think Colorado will miss out on postseason play. I think the Gals will steal a win from them this weekend (even without Donovan), and they will escape with a draw against the Goats. They will be at home the last weekend of the season in position to become a member of the cream of the MLS crop, but then I predict they will flat out blow it at the Dick (sorry, about that) in the season finale.

Just a gut feeling. I think RSL finally gets over the hump and in the postseason instead.

To prove me wrong, the Rapids will have to play some good defense down the stretch. Cory Gibbs has not been the shutdown centerback he was advertised to be. Meanwhile, Casey and Cummings have played like Jekyll and Hyde. Each one turns it on individually from time to time, but they never really seem to mesh together out there.

You know what the one thing that has been confusing me is though?

Where’s Gomez?


Is he injured?

Is he out of favor with the coach?

Is he just being propped up on the bench Weekend at Bernie’s style?

A former MVP is sitting on the bench as his team fights for its playoff lives. As a fan of MLS, I would be interested to know why.

Does anyone know? Seriously…?