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MLS 101: FC Dallas Edition

FC Dallas, to me, will always be the Dallas Burn. That’s why I refer to them often on this site as the Former Burn, though that sounds like the remnants of some sort of painful rash. The team has played like its infected with disease for most of its existence though, and it only has one major trophy (the 1997 US Open Cup) and has never reached the MLS Cup Final.

Dallas has been one of the more financially strapped clubs over the years, and maybe that is why they have never been able to procure the talent needed to finally compete for major titles. Their initial lease with the Cotton Bowl was so punitive that they ended up playing at a public high school stadium where no alcohol could be served.

Fans were not happy and stopped showing up. Now, the team plays in Pizza Hut Park in the suburb of Frisco, but their fans have never really come back in full force and they are near the bottom of the league in attendance. It’s a shame too, because their players (like Pablo Ricchetti and Drew Moor) usually exhibit some tough, gritty soccer.

The team, like many others around the world, are known as “The Hoops” because they have horizontal stripes on their jerseys. Their supporters chant “H-O-O-P-S Yes” at games, but they have been described as a “weak” bunch by an opposing player. I disagree. They are as active as any supporters group. The Former Burn just have not been giving them anything to cheer for.